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Embrace the opportunities

At Fisher & Wiens we live by this investment philosophy. 

We choose to be:

Value Conscious 

We invest in assets which appear attractively priced based on the earning power of the investment. We do our best to avoid investing in markets where valuations appear excessive.


We invest based on the underlying qualities of the securities we invest in. We believe in basic business and economic principals which drive our investment decisions.

Research Driven

We base our investment decisions on extensive research from both internal and external sources. We believe the more knowledgeable we are about what we invest in, the better the results. Understanding the world in which we work allows us to find opportunities and seek to avoid pitfalls.


Our clients are entrusting us with their accumulated wealth, and we do our best to ensure that it is invested wisely. We strive to avoid taking excessive levels of risk. Our goal is to preserve our client’s assets while achieving realistic returns.

Common Sense Focused

Every investment we make for our clients must pass the “smell test”. Every investment has trade-offs. If it looks too good to be true, it usually is.

Investing involves risk including loss of principle. No strategy assures or promotes against loss.