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Financial Planning

Life is too precious to let it go unplanned

Having a financial plan in place aims to ensure opportunities are discovered and success is achieved

This idea is so important to us that financial planning is at the very heart of services we offer. It’s the vehicle in which we nourish relationships, strives to relieve financial stressors, and come alongside our clients as they pursue eagerly awaited milestones.

Every comprehensive financial plan has a process

Ours is simple, yet thorough. It begins with a review of the client’s goals and objectives in the form of an open conversation. Topics surrounding finances can be difficult and, at times, awkward so we do our best to create a welcoming environment to house these meaningful conversations. From there we have the client complete a questionnaire and worksheets detailing how their resources are being spent and saved. Once the information is gathered, we use our extensive knowledge to carefully construct a financial plan completely customized to the client. Presenting the plan to the client is where the process comes to a head.

It’s important to us the client approves of their financial plan, therefore, we leave room for them to ask questions or request changes. Our clients receive their financial plans and begin taking steps toward achieving their goals. We enjoy hearing about their progress along the way and step in to help when needed.

Although the creation of a financial plan is time-consuming, we believe it pays dividends throughout a lifetime.