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Who We Are

Everyone should have a financial professional in their corner

We are listeners

Each one of our clients has a unique story and when we meet we get to listen to them. It’s out of their stories we form relationships and collaborate in stewarding their resources. Plus, we’re just friendly folks who really enjoy getting to know people.

We are educators

The financial world is big and complex; it’s common for our clients to come to us with questions that go well beyond investments. We take the time to communicate clearly and explain thoroughly what they want to know. Our well-loved white board can attest to that.

We keep the client as our first concern

Like a good friend or family member, we are honest. If we see a client is about to step on a “financial landmine” which will explode their financial situation, we take action and speak up. It’s our belief that if a difficult conversation must happen for the betterment of the client, we have it.

We have fun

Because life is too short to not stop and be a little goofy every once in a while.